Animal Hospital

Twice a year, Golden Animal Hospital sets up a Vet Clinic for the boarders of the stables. They come on-site to administer seasonal vaccinations, sheath cleanings, float teeth, and any other maintenance service you may need for your horse. Information is posted and you can expect to see that information in the spring and the fall. 

If an equine emergency arises and a vet needs to be called, Golden Animal Hosptial is at the top of the list when seeking medical attention for a horse, unless otherwise noted by an owner. They are prompt to respond very knowledgeable with colics and other situations that horses and animals seem to experience. 

Golden Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary services in and around Golden, CO Since 1951. They are a full-service animal hospital that is committed to providing quality veterinary care for your pet. Their professional, dedicated, and efficient staff provides expert veterinary care for dogs, cats, and large animals. 

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